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Daniel Tsun-Yee Chiu

Highest Degree

Ph. D. in Biochemistry Univ. of 

Calif at Davis

Areas of Specialty

Clinical Hematology, Wellnest Testing, Free Radical Biomedicine

Office Phone


Lab phone


Research website:

Redox Biology and Redoxomics Research Lab



Lab & Research Interest

A.    The Effect of Oxidative Stress on Cellular Function and Human Health

Free radicals like superoxide and nitric oxide are essential for maintaining physiological functions such as phagocytosis, signal transduction and gene regulation. On the other hand, free radicals are also risk factors of ageing (including apoptosis) and degenerative diseases (including cancer, cardiovascular disease, immunosuppresion, brain dysfunction and cataract). Hence, our laboratory employs  G6PD deficient model to investigate how does oxidative stress modulate cellular structure and function. Furthermore, we will address the clinical question whether G6PD-deficient patients are more susceptible to degenerative diseases than normal individuals.

Specific Topics:

 1. The effect of oxidative stress on cellular function (G6PD-deficient cell as model system)

Apply RNAi technique to establish G6PD-deficient cell lines and couple with advanced system biology technology (Proteomics and Metabolomics) for analysis of the comprehensive effect of oxidative stress on cellular physiology.

 2. Development of Antioxidants

     To screen effective antioxidants from herbal medicine.

B.    Research on Hematology

      Research on hematological disorders (including thalassemia and G6PD deficiency) from genomics and proteomics perspectives.

C.   Establish Reference Laboratories

     Reference laboratory to assess oxidative stress and antioxidant capacity.

      Develop ultra-sensitive assays such as Coularray coupled with Metabolomics and Bioinformatics to evaluate the level of oxidative stress and assess the role of oxidative stress in degenerative diseases.


Publication(since 2014)

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