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Chia-Rui Shen

Chia-Rui Shen

Highest Degree

Ph. D. in Immunology Bristol University, UK



Areas of Specialty

Immunology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Serology

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Lab & Research Interest

The immune system always attracts attentions due to its efficient induction of antigen specific responses. In our laboratory, we aim to understand the regulation of autoreactive T cell responses and develop specific immunotherapeutics against hypersensitivity as well as tumors. Our focus is as followed:

1. To determine how priming of the T-cells occurs.

2. To understand the induction and regulation of such T cells.

3. To manipulate the inappropriate immune responses.

4. To visualize the induction of immune responses.


Journal Articles

1.       Perry FE, Barker RN, Mazza G., Day, MJ, Wells AD, Shen CR, Schofield, AE, Elson CJ Autoreactive T cell specificity in autoimmune haemolytic anaemia of the NZB mouse. Eur. J. Immunol. 1996 Jan; 26(1):136-41. SCI=4.865 (18.18%).

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