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腸道微生物體與宿主免疫力及疾病互動機轉(Deciphering the Interplay between Gut Microbiome and Host Immunity and Diseases)


(Discovery of Novel Bioactive Components from Traditional Chinese Herbs to Treat Inflammatory Diseases)


(Discovery of Novel Probiotics and Prebiotics with Immunomodulatory Function)

生物感測器開發(Biosensors development)









研究方向及研究室特色(Lab & Research Interest)

Deciphering the Interplay between Gut Microbiome and Host Immunity and Diseases:Gut microbiome has been closely linked to immune development and inflammatory disease progression in local gastrointestinal (GI) tract and systemic extra-GI regions. We mainly focus on several diseases, including gastrointestinal tract diseases (intestinal bowel disorders (IBDs) and colorectal cancer (CRC)), metabolic disorders (obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD)), and respiratory tract diseases (asthma and mycobacterial infection). Using established murine diseases model (SPF and Germ-free model) and metagenomics microbiota analysis, we aim to uncover the novel players from the microbial and host side in order to develop novel gut microbiota-targeting intervention strategy.

Discovery of Novel Bioactive Components from Medicinal Herbs to Treat Inflammatory Diseases(開發具免疫調控與發炎疾病控制的草藥生物製劑):Traditional Chinese herbal medicine, including medicinal mushrooms and plants, exerts immune-homeostatic ability of Yin-Yang effects and gut microbiota targeting ability. Based on our established in vitro screening platform and in vivo disease mouse model, we aim to uncover novel bioactive ingredients from medicinal mushrooms and herbs to counteract inflammatory diseases, including IBDs, CRC, obesity, NAFLD, and asthma.

Discovery of Novel Probiotics and Prebiotics with Immunomodulatory Function(開發具免疫調控的益生菌與益菌元):Understanding the interplay between gut microbiota-host immunity in health and disease circumstances will facilitate the discovery of novel gut microbes and derived components in order to develop potential probiotics. Additionally, medicinal herbs-mediated microbiota manipulation will be beneficial for development of novel prebiotics to exploit gut microbiota against inflammatory diseases.

Biosensors development(生物感測器開發):Labor-intensive and time-consuming procedures of clinical diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) and non-tuberculous mycobacterium (NTM) have been a problem for clinicians to make a proper treatment for patients suffering from these troublesome mycobacterial infections. In collaboration with engineers in academic and bioindustry, we aim to develop fast, simple, and accurate engineered biosensors for diagnosis of MTB and NTM in order to apply to clinical diagnosis. 











柯雲飛、馬 奕安、廖建清、張義德、簡瑋廷、林美鳳、楊嘉蓁、邱振堯、張志榮、林詮盛、吳宗儒、陸嘉真、歐大衛、賴信志、楊定一







柯雲飛、馬 奕安、廖建清、張義德、簡瑋廷、林美鳳、楊嘉蓁、邱振堯、張志榮、林詮盛、吳宗儒、陸嘉真、歐 大衛、賴信志、楊定一


20160801- 20350524




柯雲飛、馬 奕安、廖建清、張義德、簡瑋廷、林美鳳、楊嘉蓁、邱振堯、張志榮、林詮盛、吳宗儒、陸嘉真、歐 大衛、賴信志、楊定一


20160721- 20350604




柯雲飛、馬 奕安、廖建清、簡瑋廷、張義德、邱振堯、呂彥禮、吳宗儒、黃宗騰、陸嘉真、歐大衛、賴信志、楊定一


20160621- 20340713



CN 4756153




使用Serratia marcescens 突變菌株檢測環境汙染物質之方法及包含發光基因之Serratia marcescensr菌株











20100611- 20231218






20100211- 20190915














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