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Teaching Equipment

Teaching Equipment

The floor space of our department is around 4,500 square meters, including the department office, conference rooms, teaching laboratory, biosafety level 2 plus laboratory, core facilities, cold rooms, and many research laboratories. Each research laboratory occupies around 150 square meters. Since medical technology education is one of the major aims for the department, a well-equipped teaching laboratory has also been established in the department.

Because the education in the department is emphasized on independent experimental skills for each student, the number and variety of devices and instruments are well-prepared. For examples, the number of microscopes and micropipets should be enough for each student. Therefore, every student should be able to perform the experiments independently. Besides, the students can observe or handle the newest equipment for modern biotechnology in the course of medical technology research. All of the efforts ensure that the students in the department are well-educated and -trained for the professional knowledge and techniques in modern medical biotechnology that support their future careers.

The equipment in the department is usually supported by the university. Since 2001, the department was also funded by the special projects from the Ministry of Education of ROC government, including the professional personnel education project in medical technology, the pioneer personnel in molecular diagnosis project, and the special project for stem cell and tissue engineering research.

The core facilities in the department that support the researches in molecular medical technology, prevention medicine, cancer biology, development of medical devices, and infectious diseases are well-equipped by the following instruments:


Automatic hematology analyzers

Liquid scintillation counter

96-well spectrophotameter

Automatic liquid dispenser


96-well PCR

Gamma radiation counter

Microscopy image analyzer

cell culture hood

Automatic ELISA readers

Sonication washer

ChemiDoc image processor

Automatic coagulation analyzer



Low-temperature incubator with shaker

Ultra centrifuge

ELISA reader

Low-temperature circulation water bath

Microplate washer

FEF-180 hood (for isotopes)

Freeze dryer

Light microscopes


High-speed centrifuge

Automatic nucleic acid purification system

Laminar flows

High-speed cryo microcentrifuge

Cell osmotic pressure detector

Polytron homogenizer

Cryo centrifuges

Immuno-Microarray analyzer


Cryo microcentrifuges


MJ Research PCR

Radioactive image analyzer

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrophotometer

PCR Biometra

37°C incubators

Electric weight scales

PE 2400 PCR

Infrared thermography analyzer

Fluorescence spectrophotometer

PE 480 PCR

Invert microscope

Fluorescence electrophoresis analyzer

PE 5700 PCR

Invert fluorescence microscope

Macro fluorescence microscope

PE 9600 PCR

Nanodrop spectrophotometer

Luminescence image analyzer


Table-top low temperature centrifuges

Fluorescence microscope

Water fluorescence detector

Table-top microcentrifuges

Digital gel image analyzer

WAVE system 3500A

Table-top regular centrifuges


High-capacity centrifuge

Vacuum dry centrifuge

Automatic electrophoresis system



Beckman-JX26 homogenizer

Chemical hoods

Ice maker

Shaker with temperature control

Capillary centrifuge

Water purification system (UV/molecular biology grade)

Hybridization oven

Electrophoresis systems


Hybridization incubators


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