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邱 全 芊 (Chiuan-Chian Chiou)




基礎生物技術學, 生物化學, 分子生物學, 生物技術實驗










研究方向及研究室特色(Lab & Research Interest)

核酸結構的探索與應用 Nucleic Acid Structure

探索核酸或核酸類似物的互動與行為,並將其應用在科學研究與醫學檢驗上。主要的主題包括 (1) 肽核酸抑制PCR的生化條件研究。 (2) 肽核酸在檢驗微量基因突變的應用。(3) 三股形成核酸的行為與應用。(4) 核酸適體的開發。

We are interested in exploring the structure and behavior of nucleic acids and nucleic acid analogs, and apply these materials in the biomedical studies and clinical diagnostics. The main topics include: 1) peptide nucleic acid mediated PCR clamping; 2) detecting rare gene mutations using peptide nucleic acid probes; 3) development of triplex-formation oligonucleotide probes; 4) aptamer chemistry.   

體液檢體的核酸檢測方法 Nucleic Acid Detection in Liquid Biopsy


 Application of circulating extracellular vesicles in the diagnosis of lung cancer

分泌途徑在癌症發展扮演的角色 Secretory Pathway and Cancer Development

核酸生物感測器的開發  Nucleic Acid Biosensors



1. Li YC, Chiou CC, Luo JD, Chen WJ, Su LC, Chang YF, Chang YS, Lai CS, Lee CC, Chou C (2012) Sensitive detection of unlabeled  oligonucleotides using a paired surface plasma waves biosensor. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 35(1):342-8.

2. Lin YT, Luo JD, Chiou CC, Yang CM, Wang CY, Chou C, Lai CS(2013) Detection of KRAS mutation by combination of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and EIS sensor with new amino group functionalization. Sensors & Actuator B: Chemical., 186:374-379

3. Lin YH, Wang SH, Wu MH, Pan TM, Lai CS, Luo JD, Chiou CC* (2013) Integrating solid-state sensor and microfluidic devices for glucose, Urea and creatinine detection based on enzyme-carrying alginate microbeads. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 43(1): 328-335.

4. Tsao KC, Chiou CC, Chen TL, Huang CG, Hsieh EF, Shih SR.(2014) Detection of low copies of drug-resistant influenza viral gene by a single-tube reaction using peptide nucleic acid as both PCR clamp and sensor probe. J Microbiol Immunol Infect, 47:254-256.

5. Shih CL, Luo JD, Chang JWC, Chen TL, Chien YT, Yu CJ, Chiou CC* (2015, Sep). Circulating messenger RNA profiling with microarray and next-generation sequencing: Cross-platform comparison. Cancer Genomics and Proteomics, 12(5), 223-230.  (*Corresponding author) 

6. Shih CL, Chong KY, Hsu SC, Chien HJ, Ma CT, Chang JWC, Yu CJ, Chiou CC* (2016, Jan). Development of a magnetic bead-based method for the collection of circulating extracellular vesicles. New Biotechnology, 33(1), 116-122.  (*Corresponding author)

7. Purwidyantri A, Chen CH, Hwang BJ, Luo JD, Chiou CC, Tian YC, Lin CY, Cheng CH, Lai CS (2016, Mar). Spin-coated Au-nanohole arrays engineered by nanosphere lithography for a Staphylococcus aureus 16S rRNA electrochemical sensor. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 77, 1086-1094. 

8. Lin, YT, Purwidyantri A, LuoJD, Chiou CC, Yang CM, Lo CH, Hwang TL, Yen TH, Lai CS (2016, May). Programming a nonvolatile memory-like sensor for KRAS gene sensing and signal enhancement. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 7963-70. (SCI, 7/73). 

9. Luo JD, Chang YJ, Chang CM, You JF, Wei PL, Chiou CC* (2016, Mar). GeneGazer: A toolkit integrating two pipelines for personalized profiling and biosignature identification. Cancer Genomics and Proteomics, 12(2),141-150. (*Corresponding author)

10. Chen TL, Chang W-C, Hsieh JJ, Cheng HY, Chiou CC* (2016, Sep). A sensitive peptide nucleic acid probe assay for detection of BRAF V600 mutations in Melanoma .Cancer Genomics and Proteomics, 13(5), 381-386. (*Corresponding author)

11. Chen TL, Chang, JW-C, Wang CL, Yang CT, Wang MC, Chiou CC* (2016, Nov). A primer and probe set for detecting multiple types of EGFR exon 19 deletions. Analytical Biochemistry, 513, 61-67. (*Corresponding author)

12. Lo FS, Chen TL, Chiou CC*(2017 Nov).Detection of Rare Somatic GNAS mutation in mccune-albright syndrome using a novel peptide nucleic acid probe in a single tube. Molecules, 22(11), 1874. (*Corresponding author)

13. Wang MC, Wang, CL, Chen TL, Chang JW-C, Lu JJ, Chang PY, Chiou CC (2017 Oct). Predicting outcomes of EGFR-targeted therapy in non-small cell lung cancer patients using pleural effusions samples and peptide nucleic acid probe assay. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine ,55(12), 1979-1986. (*Corresponding author)

14. Purwidyantri A, Chen CH, Chen LY, Chen CC, Luo JD, Chiou CC, Tian YC, Lin CY, Yang CM, Lai HC, Lai CS (2017 Apr).Speckled ZnO nanograss electrochemical sensor for staphylococcus epidermidis detection  Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 164 (6) B205-B211 


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