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Err-Cheng Chan


Err-Cheng Chan


Highest Degree

Ph. D. in Biotechnology 

Purdue University

Areas of Specialty

Biotechnology, Medical Instrumentation

Office Phone


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Lab & Research Interest

Research interests

1. Mycobacterium tuberculosis Study: Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that causes three million people death worldwide annually. Our interest is to study pathogenic mechanism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and to develop detection method of this bacterium. The effect of M. tuberculosis on signal transduction and gene expression in WI-38 cell line will be studied. In addition, a reliable, noninvasive, and simple diagnostic method will be developed. 

2. Study of Tumor Biomarkers: By using proteomic technques to study tumor markers of the colorectal cancer and lung cancer, and to develop their diagnostic kits. We also develop the immuno-diagnostic kits for the Chang Gung Hospital “in house” use.

3. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) refers to chronic bronchitis and emphysema, a pair of two commonly co-existing diseases of the lungs. Our interest is to study pathogenic mechanism of COPD and autoantibody response in COPD patients. The association between the levels of anti-elastin autoantibodies and COPD pathogenesis will be studied.


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