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Liaison with International institutions

Cases of Cooperation between our department and international universities/academic institutes are shown the in following table.



Academic institutes


Co-operation interval

Lai, HC

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Student interviews:

development of new technology in medical tests

2009 till now

Lai, HC

University of California Merced

Molecular and Clinical Immunology

2009 till now

Lai, HC

University of Paris Sud

Danger signals and inflammations

2011 till now

Chiu, DTY

Ohlone Children’s hospital, Oakland, California

Oxidative stress

Long term, ongoing co-operation

Yen, HC

Kagoshima University Graduate School of

Medical and Dental Sciences

Free radical biomedicine and

mitochondria biomedicine-related research

Long term, ongoing co-operation

Chang CM

Pasteur Institute, France

Taiwan/France orchid research program



Chang CM

Institute of Molecular Genetics,

Academy of Sciences Videnska 1083, Czech Republic

Genome and Cancers

2010.01.01 - 2012.12.31

 (NSC-GACR) research program

Chang CM

 Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale(INSERM)

and University Paris XI, France

 Autoimmune Diseases