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Features of this Department

The Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science at Chang Gung University is a distinctive program, committed to nurturing medical laboratory professionals equipped with expert knowledge and skills. Here are the main features as well as educational and research developments of the department:

Professional Curriculum: The department offers a professional curriculum, including basic medicine, clinical laboratory tests, hematology, microbiology, serology, molecular diagnostics, and cytology. Students can gain broad disciplinary knowledge in medical laboratory science and medical biotechnology, establish a foundation, and specialize in specific areas.

Laboratory Facilities: The department boasts modern laboratory facilities and equipment, providing students with a platform for laboratory operations and research. Through hands-on experience, students can master experimental techniques and hone their problem-solving abilities.

Internship Opportunities: The department has established partnerships with the top-notch Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Laboratory Medicine Department to provide internship opportunities for students. Through hands-on clinical practice, students can apply their acquired knowledge and gain a deep understanding of real-world medical situations.

Academic Research: Faculty members of the department actively participate in academic research activities both domestically and internationally and collaborate with scholars in related fields. Students also have opportunities to participate in research projects, fostering research capabilities and a scientific spirit.

Professional Certification: The department has obtained relevant professional certifications to ensure the quality of education and the credibility of the degree. Upon graduation, students can obtain relevant certifications, enhancing their employability.

The Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science at Chang Gung University focuses on cultivating excellent medical laboratory professionals. With its professional curriculum, abundant internship opportunities, and development in academic research, it lays a solid professional foundation for students to meet the ever-changing needs of the medical field.

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