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Special Features of this Department


The main teaching goal of the department is to train excellent medical technologists to provide medical laboratory diagnostic testing services to meet the demand of Taiwan. The teaching philosophy of Chang Gung University is “to integrate theory and practice”. All our undergraduates obtain a solid practical training from our Linkou Chang Gung memorial Hospital. With the fast changing environment of medical technology together with the rapid growth of a variety of medical diagnostic techniques in recent years, the education goal of the department also extends to the training of professionals for biomedical research, services, and industry. Therefore, in 2004 the department was renamed as the "Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science" to meet the requirements of modern society. In addition, both master and Ph.D. programs have been added subsequently. Currently, the department has 19 full-time faculties, all with Ph.D. degree, and 20 adjunct faculties from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to share the teaching for both undergraduate and graduate students.


    The 19 full-time faculties are divided into four groups to focus their research effort on translational cancer biology and molecular diagnosis, wellness testing, infectious diseases and development of diagnostic reagents. All four groups are highly productive and have obtained more Grants from the National Science Council as well as published more SCI papers than other MT departments in Taiwan during the last few years. In addition, Professors Chiu and Shih have been appointed as the head of study section (學門召集人) for MT related research in the National Science Council. No other professor from any MT department in Taiwan has been selected for such position. Most recently, Professor Shih has been awarded by the National Science Council as one of the Outstanding Researcher (傑出獎) of Taiwan. No other professor of any MT department in Taiwan has ever been awarded such honor.


    The department has continued to strive for excellence in translational cancer biology and molecular diagnosis, wellness testing, infectious diseases and development of diagnostic reagents. With a broad and solid education, our graduates not only can engage in clinical laboratory work in hospital or teaching position in academic institutions, they also can serve in many biomedical industry and government agencies. In short, our alumni have contributed significantly to our society over the years. Growing together with Chang Gung University, our department currently has 19 full-time faculty members with excellent biomedical expertise. Under the efforts of former and current directors Prof. Tsan-Zon Liu, Prof. Daniel Tsun-Yee Chiu, Prof. Err-Cheng Chan, Prof. Shin-Ru Shih and Prof. Hsin-Chih Lai, the academic reputation and accomplishment as well as hardware and software facilities of the department have been elevated to top ranking level in Taiwan. Currently, there are about 229 undergraduate students, 28 graduate students (master degree), and 43 doctoral students (as of second semester of 2017) in this department.

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