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Prospect after graduation


Employment Opportunities:

      1. To obtain the Medical Technologist License or the Clinical Laboratory Scientist License through the Professional and Technical Special Examination for Medical Personnel, or to work as professional laboratory scientists in the medical institution.

      2. To become R&D researchers or technicians in academic organizations or biotech companies – such as researchers or technicians working on medical examination methods, reagent development, medical instrument, biotech, biomedicine & laboratory science, and other related fields.

      3. To sit the Professional and Technical Exams or Special Exams held by Ministry of Examinations to become civil servants (e.g.  CDC (Center of Disease Control), Institute of Forensic Medicine, or Investigation Bureau within the Ministry of Justice, etc…)

      4. To work in government organizations or private ventures as a medical administrator, or work in medical biotech companies as a technical marketing specialist.

Advanced education

      Graduates from the Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science have opportunities to advance their education further as well in biomedical related graduate institutes to specialize in Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology, Basic Medicine, Public Health, or Molecular Cell Biology etc. Alternatively, they can also go abroad to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees.


Employment Opportunities:

Unlike the undergraduate students who have successfully obtained the bachelor’s degree from the Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science, graduate students completing the master’s program of the Department will not be able to sit the professional or technical exams mentioned above.  Other than that, the rest of the employment options for graduate students are not different from undergraduates, though graduate students do have more competitive advantages in looking for a profession or sitting the government examinations.

Graduate students tend to be more competent in obtaining professional leadership roles and more advanced R&D positions.

Advanced education

Graduates from the Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science will be able to advance their education further to get a Doctoral Degree domestically or abroad.


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