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Future Outlook

For the future development plan, our priority will be continuously increasing the quality of teaching and our research capacity. We are planning to establish the Ph. D program of Medical Biotechnology. Our teaching and research goals can be divided into the basic and application domains. The long-term educational and research goals of our department include the following aspects: (1) Molecular Diagnostics (2) Biosensor technology (3) NanoBio Materials (4) Diagnostics reagent development (5) Presentation Medicine.

On the other hand, education and research aspects for clinical applications include (1) establishment of national reference laboratories to develop and innovate methods and products for prevention diagnostic medicine (2) establishment of biosensor technology center to develop biochip technology and products (3) establishment of diagnostics reagent laboratory to develop molecular diagnostic technology method and reagents (4) establishment of Biomaterials Center, combining nanotechnology (nano-technology) and medical biotechnology to develop valuable and biomedical materials and technologies.

In aspects of teaching, we emphasize on fundamental courses in physics, biology, chemistry, English as well as humanities education. We encourage students to participate in research work in laboratories and hospitals to acquire practical experience on top of their theoretical courses.

In the research domain, we will continue to focus on multidisciplinary collaboration with universities and hospitals. We have strong capacities and ambitions and will focus our research capacities on targeted research goals. Research centers and collaborative research will be the model of the future research style to increase our research quality and capacity, and to have more high impact SCI papers published. 

In our department, different research domains will be gradually shifting their focuses towards the following two domains: cancer translational medicine and infection with immunity. Good management and instrument sharing will help to achieve this goal. We encourage international collaborative work, and we keep hiring excellent researchers with Ph.D. qualifications to join us. We believe that with the efforts from all staffs and students in our department, we will continue to progress and develop into a bright future.

In the aspects of international collaboration, our project will focus on research centers and team work models within the next 3 to 5 years. We will focus on international collaboration and multidisciplinary research especially with medical research centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, etc.

        We still have room for improvement in our department.  We will continue increasing our teaching quality, students’ counseling, and developing more biotech industrial related courses to help students increase their chances of obtaining good jobs after graduating. More Master and PhD programs will be created and made available to people in pursuit of higher degrees. We will encourage collaboration with other universities as well as support international collaboration with overseas institutions to improve our teaching and education capacity.

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