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Distinguished Alumni Awardees

Year of Award


Outstanding Achievement



(1993 graduate)

Current PositionCOB of MedClub Scientific Company.
Experience: Bertec Enterprise Company
Achievement: Mr. Kuo was the founder of MedClub Scientific Company



(1994 graduate )

Current PositionAssistant Researcher, Forensic Serology Division, Ministry of Justice Institute of Forensic Medicine

Achievement: Having passed Professional and Technical Senior Examination for Forensic Scientists in 1996, Ms Huang was dispatched to Forensic Office of New Taipei District Prosecutors Office, and has worked as Forensic Examiner. She has participated in post-mortem examination and forensic examination work related to such cases as congressman drug abuse, China Airlines Flight 676 crash, China Airlines Flight 611 crash, and homicide of illegal immigrants.


(Outstanding 20)


(1993 graduate)

Current PositionVice President, Chengdu branch of Kingsoft Corp.

Achievement: He joined Wayi International Digital Entertainment Co. at 2000, and assisted the company to become a leader in Taiwan online game industry.


(Creative 20)


(1996 graduate)

Current PositionDeputy director of HTC

Achievement: While he worked as research assistant at CGU, he teamed with his colleagues to win the Taiwan Industry Bank Venture Competition award with a business plan on PDA and WAP application.



(1996 graduate)

Current PositionAssociate Professor of Chinese Medical University Graduate Institute of Integrated Medicine; Advisor of CMUH Department of Medical Research

Achievement: He devoted to research on pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease, endothelial progenitor differentiation, and antioxidative herbal medicine. He got a number of academic awards, including Italian Atherosclerosis Society Research Award.




(1993 graduate)

Current PositionChang Gung University Department of Medicine, Director of Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology,  CGMH Department of Otolaryngology

Achievement: being a physician, he devoted to teaching and research of otolaryngology, contemporary Sleep Surgery and related disciplines. He has got Excellent Staff Award of CGMH. He contributed much to promotion of medical knowledge. Besides, he has been the director of Alumni Association, and made significant contribution.