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Chia-Chen Chang

Chia-Chen Chang

Chia-Chen Chang

Highest Degree

Ph. D. in Biomedical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Areas of Specialty

Biosensing Technology, Bioanalytical Chemistry

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Research website:

Biosensing Laboratory



Lab & Research Interest

Functional nucleic acids 

Compared with antibody-based immunoassays, functional nucleic acid platforms are alternative designs for molecular analysis. Thus, we are interested in the exploration of these nucleic acid molecules as novel analytical tools for chemical sensing, biomolecular detection, and nanotechnology. 


Gold nanoparticls (AuNPs) are attractive because they provide unique size and distance-dependent SPR properties. The aggregation of AuNPs leads to a huge absorption band shift and color change from red to blue because of interparticle plasmon coupling. This color change allows AuNPs to be used for biosensing and biomedical applications. Therefore, our research focuses on the application of AuNPs as smart molecular probe for diagnostics and biosensing.

Low-cost diagnosis

We are developing low-cost biosensing devices.  A membrane-based microfluidic device is integrated with a surface plasmon resonance sensor to realize an easy-to-use and cost effective multi-step quantitative analysis.


Journal Papers

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