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Teaching Equipment

      The floor space of our department is around 4,500 square meters, including the department office, conference rooms, teaching laboratory, biosafety level 2 plus laboratory, core facilities, cold rooms, and many research laboratories. Each research laboratory occupies around 150 square meters. Since medical technology education is one of the major aims for the department, a well-equipped teaching laboratory has also been established in the department.

      Because the department gives priority to the training of independent experimental skills for each student, the number and variety of devices and instruments is sufficient. For example, the number of microscopes and micropipettes is enough for each student. Therefore, every student can perform the experiment independently. Besides, the students can observe and handle the newest equipment for modern biotechnology in the course of medical technology research. All of the efforts are to ensure that the students in the department are well-educated and trained in their professional knowledge and techniques in modern medical biotechnology, which will certainly support their future careers.


Teaching Equipment


Beckman Coulter Optima MAX-XP Ultracentrifuge

Beckman Coulter AVANTI J-26XP Centrifuge

Sysmex Automated Hematology Analyzer XN-350 (CBC counter)

Esco Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets

Helena AggRAM (Aggregometer)

Sysmex CA-50 Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer

BIO-RAD Gel Doc EZ Automated Imaging System

Promega GloMax System (Luminometer)