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Rei-Lin Kuo

Rei-Lin Kuo

Highest Degree

Ph. D. in Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, National  Yang-Ming  University, Taiwan


Areas of Specialty

molecular virology, Virus and Cell Interactions

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Lab & Research Interest

1. The induction of the IFN expression is a critical event for innate immunity to disrupt viral replication in virus-infected cells. It has been demonstrated that viruses can evade host innate immunity by targeting the pathway for type I IFN activation. The regulation of the type I IFN production has been considered an important factor for virus pathogenicity. Since EV71 is an important human pathogen that periodically causes several outbreaks with severe neurological complications in recent years in Taiwan, our lab is endeavoring to elucidate the mechanism for the regulation of signaling pathway for IFN-b production in EV71-infected cells. The understanding of the regulation of IFN production may provide the information for EV71 pathogenicity and the basis for the development of new antiviral drugs.    


 2. The viral RNA synthesis is directly involved in the virus replication during influenza A virus infection. Base on pathogenicity studies, the viral polymerase has been considered as one of the contributors for the virulence of influenza viruses. Since the in vitro system has been established for studying the replication and transcription of influenza polymerase, our lab is interested in verifying the polymerase activities of highly pathogenic influenza virus strains by using the established in vitro system.


1.Publications (since 2010):

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