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Chiuon-Chian Chiou


Chiuan-Chian Chiou


Highest Degree

Ph. D., Life Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Areas of Specialty

Reagent Development, Genotoxicity, Molecular Biology

Office Phone


Lab phone


Research website

Molecular Medicine and Reagent Develpment



Lab & Research Interest

Nucleic Acid Structure

We are interested in exploring the structure and behavior of nucleic acids and nucleic acid analogs, and apply these materials in the biomedical studies and clinical diagnostics. The main topics include: 1) peptide nucleic acid mediated PCR clamping; 2) detecting rare gene mutations using peptide nucleic acid probes; 3) development of triplex-formation oligonucleotide probes; 4) aptamer chemistry.

Nucleic Acid Detection in Liquid Biopsy

Application of circulating extracellular vesicles in the diagnosis of lung cancer

Secretory Pathway and Cancer Development

Nucleic Acid Biosensors


A.  Journal Articles

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B.  Patents

  1. Chiou CC, Luo JD “Methods and kits for the detection of nucleotide mutations using peptide nucleic acid as both PCR clamp and sensor” US Patent granted, 2010 (US7803543)
  2. 邱全芊,陳泰龍,駱紀東:核酸分子檢測方法及檢測套組, 中華民國發明專利,I617667, 2018